Bluefield Prom 2017

Bluefield High School Prom

Sandpiper Studios attended the Bluefield Prom 2017 at the Eastlink Centre on June 17th.

bluefield prom 2017

Bluefield High School held their annual Graduation Prom Dance this Friday. This is an event that the graduates look forward to every year to celebrate the end of the school year.

The Grads and their dates were dressed in their finest gowns and suits. They looked every bit a successful Graduate ready to take on the world.


The Parents and Student Committee did a great job of decorating the venue and introduced over 2oo students and their dates in just under an hour.


Check out our Facebook Page to see the full album of pictures from the night!


If you have an event coming up that you would like Sandpiper Studios to photograph, please call 902-964-3333 or email

Kate & Branden • Engagement Photoshoot

Kate and Branden’s Engagement Photoshoot for their 2018 Wedding

Had a wonderful early morning Engagement Photoshoot at The Preserve Gardens in New Glasgow P.E.I. with Kate and Branden. We followed that by an equally amazing breakfast at the Preserve Restaurant. The Gardens are beautiful from June to September and worth the drive out.

engagement photoshoot

Kate and Branden were very creative with their ideas and we got some great images. Looking forward to shooting their Wedding next year.

engagement photoshoot

engagement photoshoot

Call or message Sandpiper Studios if you would like to book an Engagement Photoshoot or a Wedding.

engagement photoshoot



Taylor • PEI Model Photographer

PEI Model Photographer

As a PEI Model Photographer Sandpiper Studios always has their eyes open for new Photoshoot opportunities.

I asked Taylor out of the blue if she would like to have a model photo session done. And being the brave girl that she is, she agreed! She has never done a shoot before, but you can’t tell from the pictures. From her very expressive bright blue eyes to her winning smile, she really has captivated the camera.


If you would like to be a Model for a couple of hours, send us a message and we will get back to you.

Lexie & Katana • Model Photoshoot

Model Photoshoot with Lexie and Katana.

Sandpiper Studios photographed 2 ladies last night, one an experienced model and her friend who has a strong passion to start.


Send a message if you would like a Modelling Session to “Build Your Confidence”.


What you see as yourself is not as others see you.





Adventures of a Comic Book Artist

Gulf Shore Drama Club Presents the Adventures of a Comic Book Artist

adventures of a comic book artist

Sandpiper Studios videotaped an amazing Musical at Gulf Shore Consolidated School in Rustico, PEI last night called ” Adventures of a Comic Book Artist”. (Book and Lyrics by Pat Lydersen and Music by Wendy Woolf.)

The 35 members of the Drama Club, have been practicing for the last 6 months and it shows! The inner actor in all of the kids were pulled out by Directors Kirsten MacLaine and Marti Hopson.

We consistently heard “I wasn’t aware that my students were this gifted!” or “I didn’t know he/she could do that in front of their peers.”

Everyone loves comic book superheroes!  The audience loved this action-packed spoof of the comic book genre complete with funny singing superheroes and dancing villains. 

The Story

Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz (Roy Murnaghan) wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist. He dreams to create heroes and villains for the comic books he loves so much.  As the janitor at Wonder Comics, he anxiously awaits the day that his boss, D.C.  Wunderman (Davis Nicholson), will see his drawings and as a result give him the chance for his superheroes to come alive on the printed page.  Stanley’s heroes come alive, all right — but not on the printed page! 

In an effort to save his dying company, Wunderman had ordered a set of magical pens that can bring to life any character drawn.  Plans go wrong and his staff of artists create the dreaded super-villain Doctor Shock Clock (Joe Moak) by mistake. It is up to Stanley to save the day with his own superheroes — Star Guy (Noah Maynard), Triple Time (Jack Quigley), Blossom (Grace Lord) and Wombat Woman (Laura MacDougall)!  Stanley’s heroes battle Shock Clock and his henchmen, the Minutos ( Sam Langdale, Addison Langley, and Jace MacPherson). In the end, they are saved by the greatest superhero of them all — Eraser Man (aka Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz)!

adventures of a comic book artist

If you missed the Adventures of a Comic Book Artist or wanted a copy of this great show, please contact us by email .